New Afton Mill-minTalisker Resources Ltd., through its Bralorne Gold Mines Ltd., has signed a definitive ore purchase agreement with New Gold Inc. As part of the agreement, New Gold will purchase up to 350,000 metric tons (mt) of ore mined at Bralorne and process it at their New Afton mill. The agreement can be extended by mutual agreement.

“Having completed the portal and decline construction and our resource conversion drilling, this agreement clears the pathway for our planned 2024 production at Bralorne,” said Terry Harbort, president and CEO, Talisker Resources.

During February, the company completed the Mustang mine decline to the 3700 level at Bralorne. The 4- x 4-m development over 400 m will allow for simultaneous access to planned stopes on the 3700, 3800 and 3900 levels. Additional development was completed to prepare for the extension of the decline to access lower stopes from the 3600 and 3500 levels and for a new decline close to the portal to access new material to the east of Mustang.