Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology has launched the DT1132i jumbo for tunneling excavation. Together with the new high-frequency rock drill Sandvik RD535 and rock tools designed for high speed drilling, this three-boom, electrohydraulic rig provides users with a heavy-duty solution for their underground drilling needs, according to the company.

All DTi tunneling jumbos were developed with a special modular design that makes them highly flexible and versatile. Suitable for fast face drilling or mechanized long-hole drilling and bolting, Sandik said they are proving to be highly productive, reliable and effective. Furthermore, they use the latest developments in automated drilling solutions such as the iSURE tunnel management software and SICA intelligent control system, the company added.

The DT1132i possesses both operator-controlled boom positioning and full-face automatic drilling functions. The RD535 rock drill automated drilling features and new rock tools translate into 40% less exhaust particles, up to 20% higher penetration rate and with 25% more side coverage, the company said.