Quebec Iron Ore Inc. (QIO), a subsidiary of a Montreal-based iron development and exploration company, Champion Iron Ltd., has signed a three-year strategic partnership agreement with Metso for the maintenance of Metso equipment with a life cycle services contract. This agreement will provide QIO with maximum availability of equipment to meet production targets for the Bloom Lake iron ore mine located near Fermont, Quebec.

“It’s been a privilege to take on the challenge of identifying and customizing our offer in order to meet the goals and objectives of QIO,” said Jean Hebert, vice president of services sales, Canada, Metso. “We are proud of this partnership and committed to working with the QIO team to deliver a successful project”

The life cycle services contract takes the entire range of services Metso provides and bundles them into tailored packages, ranging from the basics to more complete solutions, depending on the customer’s needs. Packages are equipped to cover a single-event shutdown or span multiple years, measured against strict key performance indicators, Metso said.