Osisko Mining has drilled the longest diamond drill hole in Canada at its Discovery 1 project.  The final length of Discovery 1 was 3,467 meters (m).

“Discovery 1 is a great success and achievement,” Osisko President and CEO John Burzynski said. “We are very proud of our Osisko team and Major Drilling for their tremendous work completing this hole.”

Discovery 1 was a planned 3,000- to 3,500-m-deep drill hole, designed to target two down-plunge extensions of known gold zones and investigate the projected source area of the Windfall deposit at depth. The working model for the Windfall deposit interprets an outer shell and center of a possible porphyry intrusion feeding the Windfall-Lynx gold system.

“It is an honor to have been a part of this monumental project,” Major Drilling President and Chief Executive Officer Denis Larocque said. “We are proud of the hard work and expertise that our team has contributed along with Osisko Mining to reach this historic milestone in Canadian drilling.”

Over the years, Major Drilling has positioned itself as one of the largest specialized drilling operators in the world, by leveraging its skilled personnel, specialized equipment and robust safety systems.

Burzynski pointed to other successes working with Major Drilling that include the discovery of the Underdog and Triple 8 extensions, the wide intercepts of anomalous gold values similar to those observed in the Lynx system, and now these new high value gold intercepts at depth.

“These results of the Discovery 1 hole show that the Windfall system is extensive with substantial room for potential growth,” Burzynski said.

In addition to being the longest diamond drill hole in Canada, it also achieved a vertical depth of 2,700 m from surface. Analytical results from the final 200 m are at the laboratory, results are pending. The hole was drilled from surface to 3,149 m with NQ rods and finished with BQ rods.