Ongoing underground mapping and sampling at Newrange Gold’s Pamlico project has identified the source of high-grade gold and silver in the historic Good Hope mine. Underground channel sampling of the exposed part of the mineralized zone yielded a weighted average of 13.89 grams per metric ton (g/mt) of gold and 71.19 g/mt silver over 40 meters (m) in the 5690 level of the mine. Including the adjacent footwall and hanging wall samples, which are also mineralized, the same 40 m averaged 4.96 g/mt gold and 42.24 g/mt silver and the zone is open along strike and down dip.

One of several historic past-producing mines that are part of the Pamlico gold project in Nevada, the Good Hope mine lies approximately 850 m southeast of the Merritt decline along the general trend of Pamlico Ridge. The Good Hope mineralization, like that found in the Pamlico mine and the Merritt Area, is intensely oxidized. The 7.9:1 silver-to-gold ratio is, however, much higher in the Good Hope samples than in the Pamlico mine and the Merritt Area, where it averages roughly 1:10. The 5690 level silver-to-gold ratio is more typical of gold deposits throughout the Basin and Range province and indicates a potentially important zone within this formation.

“The rediscovery of the Good Hope mine mineralization is a very significant development for the Pamlico project,” said Robert Archer, CEO, Newrange Gold. “With approximately 8,000 m of underground workings and 300 mine entrances within an area of about 1,500 m by 1,000 m, and no maps or production data to rely upon, the ability to make this kind of discovery almost 1 km away from our highly successful exploration in the Merritt Area underscores the tremendous potential of the project.”

Newrange Gold’s work to date has also traced similar mineralized structural zones with nearly identical attitudes in artisanal mine workings extending easterly from the Good Hope mine for at least 1.7 km across the Pamlico property.

Located 12 miles southeast of Hawthorne, Nevada, along U.S. Highway 95, the Pamlico project covers the historic Pamlico group of mines, as well as the nearby Good Hope, Gold Bar and Sunset mines. The district was discovered in 1884 and rapidly gained a reputation as being one of Nevada’s highest-grade districts. Held by private interests for most of its history, the property remains underexplored in terms of modern exploration.