South32 and General Electric (GE) recently signed a three-year strategic partnership to develop South32’s technology roadmap and guide the company’s digital transformation.

The partnership, GE’s first with an Australian mining company in the digital space, is a step towards playing a much bigger role in the global mining sector, GE reported. Through it, South32 will utilize GE’s Predix platform, which is designed specifically for industry and connects industrial equipment, data analysis and instant insights. The system will enable South32 to make fast, informed decisions. It provides the opportunity to optimize entire operations, rather than individualized assets and equipment.

South32 said its digital transformation is crucial for future success. “Bringing the world of operational technology and information technology together to monitor equipment and systems remotely and predict future behavior is a game-changer,” Graham Kerr, Chief Executive Officer, South32 said.

GE recently completed their own digital transformation. The company said bringing the digital transformation to the mining industry is an exciting prospect. “The future of mining is digital. With data and analytics, we can achieve greater levels of productivity, operational efficiencies, and improve safety,” GE Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, Jeff Immelt said.