Golden Predator Corp. has announced a name change to Gold Bullion Royalty Corp. to focus entirely on royalty creation through its 34-project portfolio. The aim is to increase revenue while decreasing shareholder risk through gold and silver projects.

Gold Bullion also seeks to divest Golden Predator Canada Corp., which will continue the Brewery Creek project and other Yukon-wide properties. The segregation of its two main units seeks to enhance stock prices via independent market valuation with efficiency, visibility and analysis, according to a company statement.

Gold Bullion Royalty’s assets include Midway Gold’s Pan and Gold Rock deposits, a 4% royalty at Barrick’s DTR property on Bald Mountain mine and a 1% royalty on over 30 miles held by Barrick around the Bald Mountain and Alligator Ridge mines.

The company also holds a 2% return on the Taylor Silver smelter project being advanced by Silver Predator. Most of the company’s 34 North America properties are under lease; Evolving Gold, Orsa Ventures, Columbus Gold, Solitario Exploration & Royalty Corp. and Ely Gold & Minerals Corp. are among the operators.

Gold Bullion Royalty’s royalty portfolio remains unique in the mineral development industry owing to its ability to receive the majority of projected revenues in-kind, in gold bullion as opposed to cash.