Modular Mining Systems recently announced that its DISPATCH Underground 2015 Fleet Management System (FMS) has been selected for implementation at George Fisher mine in north Queensland, Australia.

The underground lead-silver-zinc mine, which forms part of Glencore’s Mount Isa copper and zinc mining complex, first began production as Hilton mine in 1990 and today has an annual production rate of 3.1 million metric tons (mt).

Chris McCleave, general manager, George Fisher mine, said they engaged in extensive research and a feasibility study to find an FMS that best suited their operational requirements. “With the implementation of Modular’s DISPATCH Underground system, we ultimately hope to improve productivity through increased equipment availability and improved utilization of mobile assets, while also positively impacting operator safety,” he said.

The DISPATCH Underground FMS, first commissioned in 1991, delivers a scalable, full-featured, and highly configurable end-to-end solution that gives mines automated, real-time monitoring, management and visibility of their underground operations. Released in May 2015, the latest evolution of the underground system, DISPATCH Underground 2015, supports all development and production workflows and activities, enabling mines to maximize material movement, reduce mining costs, and effectively manage their mining processes.

Greg Sweeney, general manager, Modular Australia, said he is confident the underground FMS will give George Fisher better visibility into their underground operations, resulting in enhanced real-time decision-making, increased operational efficiencies, and reduced costs.

“With Modular’s underground technologies in place, the mine stands to realize greater fleet utilization and increased production gains through a reduction in delays during shift change, breaks and other activities,” Sweeney said.

George Fisher mine will use the DISPATCH Underground system on its fleet of LHDs and underground mining trucks. System implementation is expected to begin later this year and will be rolled out over an extended project period.