More the 30,000 people attended the 15th Brazilian Mining Congress (Exposibram) this week at Expominas in Belo Horizonte. Engineering & Mining Journal (E&MJ) was the only international mining trade journal covering the event. In addition to the technical talks, several panel discussions debated current themes: the future of the business, sustainability and new regulations.

Several industry leaders, such as Murilo Ferreira, CEO, Vale; Mark Cutifani, CEO, Anglo American; and Helcio Roberto Martins Gerra, CEO, Samarco Mineracao; carved out time to speak at the event, demonstrating Brazil’s importance. The executives discussed plans for the future and cautioned the government to approach its regulatory framework carefully with a long-term vision to prevent a flight of investment, similar to what has already happened in Australia. E&MJ will carry a full report in the November edition.