Boliden continues to develop its copper-nickel operations as it invests in improved environmental performance and operational efficiency at its Harjavalta smelter. The smelter operates two acid plants that produce sulphuric acid and liquid sulphur dioxide from smelter off-gases formed in the copper and nickel smelting processes. Boliden has decided to invest in a new and more efficient acid plant, using best available technology. The investment program that will run from 2016 to 2019 consists of two parts, the first and now decided part amounts to €65 million. The total investment is estimated at €90 million.

“This investment improves our technical infrastructure, which is fundamental for our long-term competitive position,” said Timo Rautalahti, general manager Boliden Harjavalta. “Continuity of the site together with the improved environmental performance is important for our local community, too.”

With the new plant in operation, the efficiency and environmental performance of Boliden Harjavalta will improve in several areas. SO2 emissions will be reduced by 20%-25 % and cooling water by 40%, as heat is recovered, resulting in higher energy efficiency. In addition, minor bottlenecks will open, especially on the copper line, and make future expansion projects possible on both the copper and nickel line.