Tenova is moving its main headquarters to Castellanza, Italy, to a new, EUR 15 million corporate campus. The new 100,000-m2 Tenova Campus will host more than 400 employees. It was designed and developed in accordance with principles of functionality and environmental sustainability, characterized by the integration of new buildings with the Tenova Pomini offices and production site.

“The campus is an expression of the Tenova working approach, grounded in a heightened attention to and awareness of sharing, collaboration and the integration of different company functions,” said Andrea Lovato, CEO of Tenova. “This choice reflects Tenova’s long-term strategic vision, focused on continuous innovation and on attracting, training and developing talents and skills capable of sustaining the company’s future development.”

In this new location, Tenova’s industrial vocation will be fully expressed: the company’s various business units, functional staff and the existing Pomini factory shall all come together in a single site, creating a work environment congenial to the interaction and exchange of best practices between engineers, office staff, specialized and professional workers, with positive effects on the efficiency of the company’s processes.

Collaboration, sharing and integration shall all be developed alongside another of the company’s values, “transparency,” which shall also be palpable in the campus’ architecture. Indeed, all of Tenova’s offices shall be characterized by floor-to-ceiling windows and walls, for bright interiors overlooking outdoor green areas, which shall also guarantee internal visibility, for a continuous environment where staff can work together.

Tenova shall focus considerably on young people and is set to bolster exchanges with universities, schools and technical institutes. On-site areas have been specifically created for this purpose: for example, in the congress center there are training rooms and a 150-seat auditorium. The campus shall also feature numerous meeting rooms and break areas as well as a canteen that has been designed to encourage conviviality and sharing over lunch.

In order to guarantee staff wellness, services available to the company’s employees include a new sports and fitness area.