MINExpo is on and, with the world mining industry focused on Las Vegas, Runge will offer a unique chance for visitors to learn about the complex and exciting industry. The company will run one of their internationally recognized “Mining for Non Miners” courses, to coincide with the expo.

“While most MINExpo’s attendees will know mining inside and out, many delegates will have greater experience in finance, equipment manufacturing or other supporting industries,” said Margaret Calder, who coordinates Runge’s global professional development services. “It’s those people we want to invite into our world,” said Calder. “We want to give them the tools to improve their own MINExpo experience, and that of their potential clients.”

Runge Limited has put together a special edition of the course, just for MINExpo attendees. The course is designed for those from a non-mining background and provides a comprehensive overview of coal and metals mining. Attendees will learn from industry experts who will take them on a journey starting with geology, all the way through to production and processing methods, covering all facets of the industry along the way. The will come to an understanding of the end to end process of mining, learn about key terminology and build a clear picture of the entire industry.

“It is going to be a great opportunity for attendees who are looking to achieve effective working relationships with core mining staff or who have peripheral contact with the mining industry,” said Calder.

The course will be held Friday, September 21, 2012, at Treasure Island Hotel in Las Vegas. The course will run for a full day and will cost $950. Lunch, refreshments and an exclusive invitation to the networking reception are included. For more information, please visit www.runge.com/minexpo-training.