Mintec, Inc. announced the release of MineSight Schedule Optimizer 2.5, a production scheduling tool that uses mixed integer linear programming (MILP) techniques to generate optimum short-term to medium-term schedules. Each period is optimized by taking into account comprehensive product quality and quantity requirements, haulage network profile, and equipment availability as well as physical, technical and economic constraints. This update now incorporates data from stratigraphic models, enabling mine planners to handle layered deposits such as coal, bauxite and oil sands. MSSO allows engineers flexibility in solving open-pit 3-D block model and stratigraphic mine planning problems that involve multiple mining areas, multiple processes, multiple destinations and complex blending requirements. Using the MineSight Planning Database (MSPD) as a central data hub, MSSO is fully integrated with MineSight 3-D (MS3D), MineSight Interactive Planner (MSIP), MineSight Haulage (MSHaulage) and MSAxis for cut data preparation, reserve calculation, schedule optimization, reporting, charting, end of period  map creation and visualization. These tools, according to Mintec, work together seamlessly to enhance the mining engineer’s ability to produce timely plans that have the level of detail required to address operational considerations.