Cummins reported it is offering its Data-enabled Mining Solution (DEMS) plus Fleetguard Filtration Intelligence Technology (FleetguardFIT) gratis for 12 months on all new QSK50, QSK60 and QSK78 Tier 4 solutions operating in the U.S. and Canada. The intelligent sensing and advanced data analytics leveraged by the solutions allow Cummins experts to offer site-specific recommendations to optimize filter and oil service intervals. DEMS allows Cummins to monitor engine system performance and deliver accurate, real-time operating information, the company reported. DEMS can save customers as much as $110,000 per truck in unplanned downtime costs, the company reported. The early detection logic leveraged by DEMS can prevent progressive damage expenses of that same amount per year. FleetguardFIT includes pressure sensors for fuel, lube and air filters, and a fluid property sensor that monitors oil quality.
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