Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions introduced the Sandvik DD212, a compact and intelligent single-boom electrohydraulic drill for tunneling and mining development in narrow vein drifts. The drill is an upgrade of the Sandvik DD210, and will deliver a high level of productivity and a low cost of ownership, Sandvik reported.

The DD212 delivers up to 20% reduction in boom positioning time per face, and 15% improvement in drill penetration rate. Its 3% improved pullout ratio can result in up to a 10-cm-greater advance per face over similar equipment, Sandvik reported. During testing, the solution reached 93% mechanical availability, accumulating 300 hours percussion within 2.5 months of operation.

The drill features the THC562 drilling control system, with torque control and reaming hole selection; and a new intelligent boom with electronic hole positioning, Sandvik reported. The 1-m boom extension and two narrow-vein rotation actuators offer large face drill coverage, from 6 m2 to 25 m2. The DD212 has an extended TF feed for a 12-ft rod. The RDX5 rock drill provides fast drilling cycle time and low operating costs, Sandvik reported.

For multipurpose operations in 2.5 by 2.5 to 3.5 by 3.5-m drifts, the DD212 delivers accurate face drilling, cross cutting and bolting.