Quartz miner Mikroman installs four TOMRA sorting systems. (Photo: TOMRA)

TOMRA Sorting Solutions reported Turkish mining company Mikroman installed four of its high-capacity sensor-based sorting systems. The machines have contributed to product quality and production capacity gains, TOMRA reported.

In 2018, the miner installed a TOMRA PRO Secondary LASER sorting machine in two of its three plants, in Muğla and Aydin provinces. The third plant, in Usak Province, invested in a LASER sorter plus a COLOR sorter.

In Mikroman’s sorting process, rock is first sorted by size and then sorted for quality by the machines. Finally, the rock is hand-sorted into product types.

The COLOR sorting machine employs a high-resolution camera that can identify materials and eliminate rocks with surficial and visible contamination, resulting in better recovery rate and higher quality than is possible with manual sorting, TOMRA reported. The LASER sorter leverages multiple laser beams to distinguish a desirable rock from its nearly identical neighbor.