Outotec announced it will supply gas cleaning technology for Votorantim Metals, part of the Votorantim Group, at the Cajamarquilla zinc refinery. The value of the order is approximately 16 million euros ($18.25 million).

Delivery will include engineering and supply of a Peracidox sulphur dioxide (SO2) gas cleaning system and a scrubber for the production of sulphuric acid. In addition, Outotec will provide installation, commissioning and startup services. The deliveries are scheduled to take place during 2015–2016.

Located east of Lima, the Cajamarquilla refinery produces refined zinc; gas emissions from the zinc roasting circuits are processed in sulphuric acid plants. Outotec said its solution will reduce the refinery’s SO2 emissions and improve the quality of acid produced by removing impurities.

“SO2 emissions will be significantly reduced, which improves the air quality and allows the Cajamarquilla refinery to comply with new environmental requirements with low operating costs,” said Kimmo Kontola, head of Outotec’s Americas region.