Komatsu and Cummins have partnered to deliver a new, integrated remote equipment monitoring solution designed to reduce unplanned equipment stoppages, accelerate maintenance execution and extend component life and maintenance intervals.

The two companies said that by sharing equipment health and performance data over common infrastructure and collaborating on health analytics, both can access the same secure data and develop joint analytics and insights. Data is collected on a single device and all actions are managed in a shared case management system, allowing expert teams to work remotely with a customer’s maintenance staff.

Dana Miller, director, digital and service solutions for Cummins, said effective asset management solutions don’t just provide more data about a site’s equipment and engines, they help ensure that data is useful and organized so stakeholders can be more proactive. For example, understanding where a truck is in the mine, what its payload is, and which operator is driving it, all provide useful context to analyze why the engine is behaving a particular way. By combining engine and non-engine data, mining customers will be able to see all of their equipment data in one place, with insights and recommendations for a holistic view of the machine.