Steve Fiscor Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

The value proposition for a business-to-business media outlet like Engineering & Mining Journal (E&MJ) can be narrowed to three areas: quality editorial, engaged readers and advertising support. E&MJ checks all three boxes. Mining Media International, Inc. (MMI) recently published the 2024 Media Kit for E&MJ. A copy of the kit can be requested at It provides key information that savvy mining marketers already know, but readers and mining companies may not: How to work with E&MJ to reach a wide audience of decision makers in the mining business worldwide.

One of those key pieces of information is the 2024 Editorial Calendar, which describes when the E&MJ editorial team will be writing about certain subjects. The editors, who are listed on the masthead to the right of this column, strive each month to deliver balanced reporting on technical developments with mining and mineral processing methods and equipment. Their bylines are visible on the feature articles. Lots of publishers claim to be covering the world, but a closer look reveals that they only have one or two editors with questionable skills. E&MJ has many voices, which makes for a more interesting read.

As far as readership, E&MJ claims 19,000 readers worldwide. MMI mails more than 15,000 printed copies of E&MJ each month and the magazine has more than 5,500 subscribers to the digital edition. It doesn’t take an engineer to determine that there might be some overlap. More importantly, MMI can show the breakdown of its readership by discipline (metal/nonmetal, coal, aggregates and other mining), and by title (mining executives, mid-level management, production personnel, etc.). That readership is audited and validated by a third party, BPA Worldwide, annually.

Maintaining an audit statement requires a commitment from the publisher. MMI makes a significant investment in maintaining E&MJ’s readership. It’s an active database of mining and mineral processing professionals. If readers have not renewed their subscriptions in the last three years, they are culled from the list and new readers are added. Before working with any publisher, ask them about their audience and don’t take the advertising salesperson’s word for it, make them prove it.

These days, E&MJ is much more than a monthly magazine and that’s why
we use the term media outlet. E&MJ provides information through its website, its free weekly e-newsletter, and its social media posts. E&MJ can also host webinars for niche subjects. In addition to reaching readers through the pages of E&MJ, marketers can use digital methods as well.

If a business-to-business media outlet, like E&MJ, has quality editorial and engaged readership, marketers tend to advertise more frequently, which provides a revenue source for the publisher to make the investments to maintain the business. The entire team at MMI appreciates E&MJ’s loyal readership and all the companies that advertise with E&MJ. Thank you! We look forward to serving the mining and mineral processing industry. Enjoy this edition of E&MJ.