Sandvik introduced the diesel DL422i top-hammer longhole drill rig for underground mass mining in 4- x 4-m or larger production drifts.

The rig, capable of replacing its popular predecessor, the DL421, enables automated operations, fleet connectivity, availability of data, and improved hole accuracy. It is compatible with Sandvik’s Platinum-level automation package, which includes one-hole and fan automation, automatic boom repositioning to the next hole, automatic stinger control, drill plan and as-drilled data management, and connectivity to My Sandvik remote monitoring and Sandvik DrillConnect mobile application.

Automated operations over shift changes allow up to 20% more productivity and up to 10% more drilled meters in a shift, Sandvik said.

The rig also is compatible with Sandvik’s tele-remote drilling and tramming offering, and expands remote control from single to multiple units from a single console.

The control system platform allows for new technology implementation during the product lifetime.

In operations with low, or no, mine network connectivity, Sandvik DrillConnect mobile application can be used for easy and smooth drill plan transfer, comprehensive data collection, and intelligent troubleshooting.

The powerful HF1560ST rock drill offers improved energy transfer and stability with high penetration rates and drilling capacity.

Sandvik’s new i-class cabin provides the safest and most comfortable working environment with improved visibility in operation, reduced sound pressure level during drilling, adjustable drilling control panel, and multi-purpose seat with back and head support, Sandvik said. Swing-out frames provide easy, safe and fast access to the main components from the ground level.

The rig is supported by Sandvik’s technical support and operator training.