Epiroc reported the Scooptram ST14 SG is equipped with zero-emission technology and automation capabilities that make operations safer, smarter and more productive.

The unit uses connected, self-sustaining batteries that provide unparalleled autonomy and opportunity charging anywhere in the mine, Epiroc said. The loader allows both on-board and off-board charging. State of charge and battery health can be monitored remotely in real-time.

Opportunity charging can increase machine utilization and production, an expert at Epiroc said. “For example, an idle loader can be charged while waiting for a truck to return, or during a shift change,” said Erik Gert, global product manager, Scooptram.

Once charged, the loader has outstanding force and range, he said. “With its high-energy battery and the impressive drivetrain, Scooptram ST14 SG has more than enough power to clean a mine development tunnel on one battery charge.”

The Scooptram ST14 SG is designed to enable automation and comes equipped with Epiroc’s new sensor towers, improving system uptime by 10% over the previous model.

Epiroc’s Deep Automation solutions can operate during blasting and post-blast ventilation, which allows “them to gain an extra hour of productive load and haul per shift,” said Anton Ronquist, global product manager, 6th Sense, Epiroc.

Several automated loaders have already been sold and will shortly be commissioned at customer sites.