Optical Cable Corp.’s MSHA-certified tightbuffered breakout cable is designed to extend high speed communications deep underground, while withstanding thermal extremes, physical hazards and even falling debris in mining operations. This extremely ruggedized fiber optic cable enables mining personnel to access a corporate network and even its ERP system from thousands of feet below ground for critical tasks such as real-time maintenance tracking, ordering parts, review of electronic files or schematics, access to monitoring data and more.

The cable greatly exceeds minimum industry standard requirements, according to the company. It has a flex resistance of thousands of cycles, crush resistance of 2200 N/cm, and the ability to withstand 1,000 impacts along with temperature extremes of -55 to +124 C. Additionally, the sub cables are helically stranded and surrounded by a special formulation, pressure extruded outer jacket. This Core-Locked jacket locks all of the sub elements of the cable in place, greatly enhancing crush resistance, jacket tear resistance and overall durability. www.occfiber.com