Through development of its Mine Net and Mine Net Mesh systems, AMR PEMCO has more than a decade of experience implementing personnel and asset tracking systems based on received signal strength indicator (RSSI) technology. The company wanted to expand its systems for additional uses such as collision avoidance, but determined that RSSI lacked the accuracy and dependability needed for close-quarter applications. So, AMR PEMCO developed an Ultra-Wide Band solution that uses two-way synchronous ranging technology, which is far more accurate in determining the distance from one piece of mobile equipment to any other equipment and/or personnel tags.    

AMR PEMCO’s new Collision Avoidance Protection System (CAPS) provides precise proximity detection with simplicity, reliability and cost-effectiveness. Using this new technology, data is continuously transmitted between two or more pieces of equipment/tags, and the distance is immediately determined between them. If the equipment or tag is within a preset Warning or Alarm Zone (within 1 meter accuracy), the equipment operator will receive visual and audible warnings. Single CAPS units utilize one Smart Antenna on smaller equipment, while two to four Smart Antennae systems are needed on larger equipment. CAPS includes Smart Antennae; a user interface in the operator cab with output contacts for additional alarms, pushbuttons for temporary alarm acknowledgement, and an LED for system heartbeat; an optional vehicle braking system module to control speed; and a small and lightweight personnel tags, the company said.