Red Eagle Mining started the mill successfully at the Santa Rosa gold project, near Antioquia, Colombia, on January 2. Since then, it has been operating continuously, ramping up to 750 metric tons per day (mt/d). The company completed a test gold pour at the end of January with the first commercial pour scheduled for the end of February. As much as 1,500 ounces (oz) to 2,000 oz of gold are estimated to be poured in February during ramp up with 2018 production estimated to be 45,000 oz to 50,000 oz of gold.

Underground development at the San Ramon gold mine continues to advance according to plan with 436 m in January. Development during January was primarily focused on secondary access ramps and attack ramps on levels: -100, -125 and -150 m levels. The mine currently has 23 attack ramps with 19 in production, which provided 35 active production faces in January, and the remaining attack ramps in breasting, backfill or development. The attack ramps in breasting, backfill, and development are expected to provide 15 additional production faces in February.

Stope mining operations continued to ramp up in January with 7,560 mt at 4.3 g/mt of gold mined during the month, but were below plan due to scoop availability. New equipment arrived at site and was put into operation at the end of January, supporting increased production in February. The final two new scoops are due for delivery at the end of February. Red Eagle said it had 9,382 mt of ore stockpiled with at 5.6 g/mt of gold at the end of January.