Sandvik has upgraded its Sandvik MT721 and Sandvik MT521 tunneling roadheaders with several new features, designed to further boost excavation performance and customer profitability.

The MT series roadheaders are renowned for their cutting performance in a wide range of rock formations. Equipped with geometrically optimized transverse cutter heads, these flexible, robust and heavy-duty machines can be used for reliable excavation in a variety of underground civil construction applications.

“We are extremely proud of these new tunneling roadheaders, which will set the standard for reliable, productive and sustainable mechanical rock excavation, and continue our journey towards being able to deliver our customers fully autonomous mechanical rock excavation machines,” said Uwe Restner, product manager roadheaders and digitalization for Sandvik’s Mechanical Cutting Division.

The Sandvik MT721 and Sandvik MT521 have now been future-proofed with new digitalization and automation features. One of the major upgrades is the new machine control system, which has more power and is designed for future applications. The software code has been simplified and harmonized for stable and reliable operation. The new SafePLC improves machine safety and is extendable for additional developments. The new machine control system will fully integrate all future digital services, including tele-remote operation as well as Racoon for machine telemetry data collection and digital customer services platform SmartMate.

The Sandvik MT721 uses the ICUTROC technology for seamless cutting in challenging hard rock conditions. Another key feature in both roadheader models is the CUTRONIC automated cutting technology for reliable and fast rock excavation with the highest profile accuracy, and now also made suitable for geometrically complex tunneling applications.

The new Sandvik boom control includes new optimized machine control software and upgraded machine hydraulics for fast tunnel excavation and accurate tunnel profiling.