3D-P and Communications International announced a partnership whereby Communications International will become 3D-P’s exclusive distribution partner in Asia, Africa, Europe and parts of South America. This will enable 3D-P to deploy its solutions anywhere in the world.

The distribution partnership underscores 3D-P’s commitment to global expansion while maintaining value-added customer service and follows Communications International’s mission to create long-term relationships that deliver great outcomes for clients and team members.

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta Canada, 3D-P provides middleware that connects mines with operations and people. Communications International is a sister company of Communications Australia, which has been integrating and maintaining communications solutions for a range of different industries for almost two decades.

“The partnership with 3D-P enhances our offerings as a solution provider to our clients as 3D-P provides us with a proven, open-source, rugged and technologically-advanced onboard computing platform and wireless networking solution that allows us to enable different technology options for our clients in harsh and challenging environments,” said Wayne Bos, chairman, Communications International.