US Highway 60 (US 60) in Arizona is a vital road that connects the communities of Globe and Miami, and Capstone Mining’s Pinto Valley mine to the Phoenix metro area. In the early hours of August 11, two sections of US Highway 60 sustained heavy damage due to flash floods and had to be closed. This disrupted traffic and added approximately 90 minutes to traveler’s commutes due to diversions.

Capstone quickly joined forces with the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) and worked together with Ames Construction, on behalf of ADOT, to load trucks with limestone from Pinto Valley’s open pit that were placed to shore up the roadway. Within 36 hours, the damaged sections of US Highway 60 were repaired and the road was reopened.

Pinto Valley’s team worked with ADOT and Ames and coordinated the safety protocols that allowed ADOT access to the Pinto Valley mine to carry out the road stabilization operation.