Peabody has developed a multitiered plan in an effort to extinguish a fire at its North Goonyella mine in Queensland and contain the impacts. The plan was reviewed by the Queensland Mine Inspectorate and is undergoing implementation. The underground mine and surface areas remain restricted to access through exclusion zones while the work continues.

The elements of the plan include implementing use of a mobile GAG unit, a specialist piece of equipment that generates high-moisture inert gases to displace oxygen supply at a fire zone; and installing temporary seals into mine openings following completion of risk assessments and using remote-control equipment to pump a fire-resistant expandable material called Rocsil. The plan also includes additional drilling and sealing of the old longwall panel to ensure the area is further isolated. The company will work with air-quality monitoring experts on a voluntary program of environmental monitoring at North Goonyella, including regular site visits and boundary inspections to assess and analyze air-quality data from key points. The company will also make sure all safety protocols are in place and strict risk assessments are performed.
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