CONSOL Energy sold 26 million tons in 2023 and reported $858 million related to operating activities. During Q4 2023, the Pennsylvania Mining Complex (PAMC) produced 6.6 million tons and shipped 6.8 million tons. The Itmann complex sold 159,000 tons and improved its contracted position to 571,000 tons for 2024. PAMC improved its contracted position to 22 million tons in 2024 and 13 million tons in 2025.

“We delivered a strong operational performance to close out our third consecutive year of production and sales volume growth for CONSOL Energy,” said Jimmy Brock, CEO, CONSOL Energy. “On the safety front, our Bailey Preparation Plant and CONSOL Marine Terminal each had ZERO employee recordable incidents for the full-year 2023. Our 2023 total recordable incident rate across our coal mining segment was approximately 33% below the national average for underground bituminous coal mines.”

CONSOL Energy also executed a significant shift in its coal sales mix toward the export market, which led to a record annual throughput of 19 million tons at its CONSOL Marine Terminal. “We finished 2023 with 15.7 million tons, or 60%, of PAMC product moving into the export market,” Brock said. “From a revenue standpoint, export sales in aggregate accounted for 66% of our total coal revenue during the year with 35% of total coal revenue coming from the export industrial market and 14% from export metallurgical sales.”

Last year PMAC operated five longwalls, compared to four in 2022. Brock said PAMC should achieve similar production figures in 2024 and he also expects to see improving contributions from the Itmann complex as it moves beyond its mains development and processes more third-party coal sales at its prep plant.