The abstract submission deadline for the 24th World Mining Congress (WMC) has been postponed until November 30. The congress will be held in Brazil and is organized by the Brazilian Mining Association (Instituto Brasileiro de Mineração or IBRAM).

Focused on “Mining in a World of Innovation,” the event will take place in Rio de Janeiro from October 18-21, 2016. For paper presentation at WMC, it is necessary to submit each abstract on

The topics covered will be mineral exploration, open-pit mining, underground mining, mine economics, mining sustainability, mineral processing, automation and robotics, and mining innovation.

The event will bring together an exhibition area, a space for technical paper presentation and a conference. The integration of senior executives, mining professionals, and scholars, as well as important Brazilian and international investors will enable an extensive exchange of information concerning the mining sector.

The WMC, which is held every three years, under a secretariat leadership associated to the United Nations, has the objective to promote and support scientific and technical cooperation, for national and international progress in the fields of mining and the development of natural mineral resources; to implement a worldwide exchange of information with respect to mining science, technology, economics, occupational health and safety aspects of mining operations, and environmental protection.