Western Sierra Mining Corp. has confirmed completion of initial reconstruction at the Gold Basin mine in Arizona’s Prescott Mountains, part of a long-term agreement to open up all 350 acres of the placer property.

Over four months, work included the full redesign of material flows in and around the facility, said the company. This included significant enlargement of recycling ponds, road improvements, added technology and extraction equipment for initial processing, final extraction, and clean up ahead of smelting operations.

Approximately $2.6 million in operating equipment is now onsite and exceeding $300,000 in infrastructure improvements, according to Western Sierra officials. The new plant will process 50 yards of ore grade gravels hourly, they added. Estimated grades will run between .35 to 1.1 grams of gold per yard. Initial startup will begin before the end of Q3 2013 with systems testing and minor modifications to follow.

This program will prepare for expansion of the current 250 yard-per-hour facility with modifications to existing permits. Expansion construction is being scheduled for mid-2014.