Mines can now claw back even more wasted time thanks to Activity Dispatch, a new advancement from Wenco. It erases the unnecessary time spent on shift change, meal breaks, and other short pauses in production. It loads these scheduled delays into its shift plan, then sends trucks to tie down at the right place, at the right time — and only the right time.

When every stop takes a few minutes extra, it wastes hundreds of hours a year. This system makes this issue disappear by automating it, taking the pressure off overworked dispatchers, according to the company. Activity Dispatch removes bunching, too. Rather than letting everyone stop at the same time, it staggers those breaks. Trucks keep flowing, shovels stay active, and production doesn’t grind to a standstill.

These small but important gains grow in power when Activity Dispatch connects to the other Wenco dispatching services. Integrated with the optimized hauling of Dynamic Dispatch and optimized fueling of Fuel Dispatch, the latest system gives sites a total dispatching solution, the company said.

“It’s the last piece of the puzzle,” said David Noble, Wenco director of product development. “We’ve had optimized truck assignments for a long time, and automated fueling, too. Now, we’ve got a solution that handles those short breaks that happen throughout the shift.”