Valmet launched its newest Industrial Internet application at the FILTECH exhibition in Cologne, Germany, on October 11. The application is used for monitoring the performance of filter cloth in filter presses. The application has been piloted in customer filtration processes with good results, and the first customer orders have been received with implementation still in 2016.

Depending on the size of the process, a filtration process may consume thousands of filter cloths per year. By gathering information with RFID technology, the application can analyze the performance of filter cloths and filters.

“We are able to use the information on cloth lifetimes, the reasons for cloth removal and cloth consumption to optimize the whole filtration process,” said Sanna Uusitalo, product manager, filtration, Valmet. “In addition, this information helps process operators to better monitor the filter itself.”

Valmet’s application is based on special equipment and RFID tags that submit information to be used in the follow-up and analysis of the whole filtration process. An optimal process leads to remarkable savings.

“Savings can be achieved through planned maintenance and reduced filter downtime. The filter cloths and filters will be developed further as more information is gathered about their performance. The application also enables remote support from our filtration experts. By enabling us to see inside the process, the application helps us and our customers to optimize the whole filtration process,” Uusitalo said.

RFID technology has been in use for decades, but Valmet is the first to utilize it for filter cloths.