This week, Vale’s employees began returning to the company’s five Sudbury area mines following a temporary suspension of operations to focus on safety. The return to work process will continue in the days ahead. Operations were temporarily suspended after a miner was fatally injured Sunday, January 29, while working in the main ore body at the 4215-foot level of Coleman mine in Levack.

“Mine managers and supervision, along with Worker Health and Safety Representatives, have been working on plans to address immediate safety items in the workplace,” said Kelly Strong, vice president of mining and milling (North Atlantic) and general manager of Ontario operations. “Similar meetings have occurred across all of our surface plants and other departments in Sudbury. The best way to achieve our safety goals is by working together to ensure that hazards across all work areas are managed in an effective and timely way.”

The immediate focus in the Sudbury mines remains on safety and health. Upon returning to work, mine employees and managers will be working together in the short term on tasks associated with safety and risk management. Production will recommence once outstanding safety items are addressed.