TNG Ltd. confirmed it had received an Australian Trade Mark Registration Certificate for TIVAN—a new hydrometallurgical process developed for its Mt. Peake iron-vanadium-titanium project in Australia’s Northern Territory. The trade mark registration protects the use of the name TIVAN for a period of 10 years (to June 9, 2021) and may be renewed for successive periods of 10 years thereafter. The process was jointly developed in 2010 in conjunction with TNG’s metallurgical consultants, Perth-based Mineral Engineering Technical Services Pty Ltd. (METS).

Using a combination of acid leaching, solvent extraction and chemical stripping, the TIVAN process selectively recovers commercial grades of vanadium, titanium and iron from the Mt. Peake deposit, which is hosted by a similar rock type (magnetite-gabbro) to that which hosts most known vanadium-titanium deposits worldwide.

Following detailed and exhaustive bench scale and optimization test work, TNG has recently commenced a pilot plant test work program at Mount Peake focused on the final stage of the metallurgical process, which involves the production of marketable products from the Mount Peake deposit—iron, vanadium and titanium.

This operation will aim at achieving a definitive test of the commercial potential of the TIVAN process to produce a high-purity aqueous vanadium solution leading to production of vanadium pentoxide of commercial grade, followed by additional pilot plant test work to produce high purity iron and titanium grade products.