Tintina Resources submitted responses to questions from the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) regarding its proposed Black Butte Mine Operating Permit application (MOP). This thorough review of the MOP includes detailed studies by third-party consultants, which have been peer reviewed for completeness, Tintina explained.

“Our application is a much stronger document because of the excellent questions posed by the DEQ,” said John Shanahan, CEO, Tintina Resources.

“Our highly engineered plan and quality design is one that Montanans and the mining industry can be proud of,” said Jerry Zieg, vice president of exploration, Tintina Resources.

A native of the area, Zieg said they are “proud to be part of a project that protects traditional uses of our watershed, fits well in my community and safeguards the environment; all while providing tremendous economic opportunities for central Montana.”

Tintina Resources is focused on developing the Black Butte copper project, an underground copper mining operation, in central Montana.