Romarco Minerals announced on December 8 that the South Carolina Board of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) declined to consider a request by the Sierra Club for a “Final Review Conference” on SCDHEC’s decision to issue a mine operating permit for Romarco’s 100% owned Haile gold mine project in Lancaster county, South Carolina. The Sierra Club made its request on November 19, two days before the permit was due to become effective on November 21 (E&MJ, December 2014, p. 8).

The mine operating permit was the final major permit required for the Haile project. However, two procedural hurdles for the project may remain to be cleared.

Within 30 days following receipt of the SCDHEC final decision, the Sierra Club has the right to file an appeal with the South Carolina Mining Council. If an appeal is filed, the Mining Council is required to set a hearing within 20 to 40 days and to issue a written decision within 30 days of the hearing. Within 30 days of the Mining Council’s written decision, a further appeal can be filed with South Carolina’s Administrative Law Court.