Siemens partnered with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to further develop MindSphere, the former’s Internet of Things (IoT) operating system. New applications for MindSphere by TCS will enable predictive maintenance and energy monitoring.

With expertise in automation, IoT and connectivity, TCS will support developments around MindConnect Nano, the cloud gateway that can be used to connect production to cloud-based analysis of machine and production data. Siemens and TCS will also work to explore implementing the MindSphere core platform, including operation and support services, such as application and infrastructure management, and analytical and testing services.

The resulting offerings and services will reportedly reduce downtime, maintenance-related costs and energy consumption, while increasing the lifetime of their machinery.

TCS leadership said the collaboration will benefit customers. “With the MindSphere agreement we will intensify our partnership and support our customers as they realize the opportunities presented by digital innovation,” Milind Lakkad, executive vice president and global head of manufacturing, said. “Our clients will not only benefit from expertise in application development and systems integration but also from firsthand experience of the platform development.”

Siemens leadership said the partnership bodes well for the future. “The software engineering competence and implementation capabilities of TCS make them a valuable partner for Siemens and our customers,” Steve Bashada, executive vice president and general manager of MindSphere, said. “Siemens, together with TCS, will help customers evaluate and utilize data to achieve new insights which could ultimately pave the way for completely new business models, such as selling operating hours or services instead of machinery.”