Increasing the level of technical skills in the conveying industry is of prime concern to the Conveyor Manufacturers Association (CMA) in Johannesburg, South Africa. Despite the size and influence of the mining industry, there is a noticeable lack of suitably qualified skilled and semi-skilled workers, especially in niche areas such as materials handling and conveyors, according to the association. Following the five years’ successful presentation of the Diploma Course in the Design and Operation of Belt Conveyors, the CMA has launched two new certificated training courses.

The CMA Conveyor Certificate Course is a comprehensive three day course to familiarize participants with all aspects of conveyor operation, excluding design, with a multiple choice examination at the conclusion to assess the level of knowledge gained by the participant. It is intended for artisans, draughtsmen, junior engineers, apprentices and all technical personnel involved in operations where conveyors are used.

The CMA Beltsman Certificate Course is one day and covers all procedures applicable to correct inspection, functioning, care and maintenance of conveyor belting. Tracking and training of the belt and belt spillage are major course components. Apart from mentioning methods used to join different belts, belt splicing and design are not covered. The course is designed specifically for beltsmen, artisans and staff operating in a conveying environment. A multiple choice examination at the conclusion of the day assesses the knowledge gained by the participant.

Conveyor systems are potentially one of the most dangerous structures in mining operations if safety standards and mechanical specifications are not strictly followed. The CMA believes both of these training courses will go a long way to redress the problems of inefficient conveyor operation, short belt life, downtime and accidents.

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