Based on its leading pumping technology, Putzmeister has developed a broad range of mining machinery, including tailings and paste pumps, concrete spraying equipment, low-profile concrete mixers for shotcrete in underground mining and other utility equipment. The company will display the SPM 4210 Wetkret Dual-Drive concrete spraying system and the TK70 trailer pump at stand 1276-1283 in the outdoor area of the German pavilion.

With a spraying reach of 10 m and a theoretical pumping flow of 20 m3/h, the SPM 4210 Wetkret series is currently working at numerous projects throughout the world, including the Ucchucchacua mine in Peru. The Dual-Drive version offers the advantage of being operated both electrically or by the diesel engine in areas without electricity.

Optionally, the SPM 4210 Wetkret incorporates an air compressor built into the chassis. The 71.7-kW (96 HP) diesel engine includes an automatic altitude compensation system to ensure the correct operation at great height. The hydraulically operated additive pump is automatically synchronized with the concrete flow to ensure a high-quality finish. All equipment components are controlled by remote control, increasing operator safety.

The trailer pump Thom-Katt TK 70 has a concrete flow of 57 m3/h. With its rugged manufacture and angled hopper design, it handles the harsh working conditions on site. The TK 70 is equipped with a hydraulic S-valve, which permits pumping aggregates of up to 38 mm, reversing the stroke to relieve pressure from the plugs. Besides, the high-pressure operation permits to pump material over long distances.

Putzmeister will also exhibit its line of solid pumps. These piston pumps are used in the mining industry to pump slurries, sludges and pastes. The pumps transport the tailings to the dam/filter or transport backfilling paste into the underground mines. The pump system features a piston pump, a hydraulic power pack to drive the pump and an electric cabinet with a PLC, control and operation panel.

Putzmeister piston pumps can operate with a solid content of up to 85 %, depending on material composition. With an output of up to 150 bar, they can pump over distances of up to 11 km and achieve effective pumping through outputs of approximately 400 m³/h.

Perumin takes place September 21-25 on the campus of the Universidad Nacional de San Agustín (UNSA) in Arequipa.