The Perumin mining convention, one of the most important mining events in Latin America, kicks off on Monday and Putzmeister will be onsite displaying concrete spraing and transportation equipment. The company’s underground division will showcase its concrete spraying system 4210 SPM WETKRET DUAL DRIVE, and the concrete mixer MIXKRET 4; the solid pumps division will be present, which supplies high density piston pumps for transporting tailings and backfilling paste in mining.

The Putzmeister Powercreter Magnum will be exhibited, a wet shotcrete pump for concrete repair works. The SPM 4210 has a dual-drive system so all the components can be operated both by diesel engine and electrically. The machine is optionally available with an on-board electric or diesel air compressor. Its reinforced spraying arm provides a vertical spraying reach of 10 m, and the maximum concrete output of the Putzmeister double-piston pump mounted on the equipment is 20m3/h.

The proportional remote control, which can be operated both by cable and wireless, allows the easy operation of the spraying arm as well as the regulation of the concrete output and the adjustment of the pre-defined additive dosage.

The peristaltic additive pump is equipped with an automatic dosing device to synchronize the additive dosage with the concrete flow, assuring spraying accuracy and quality. With heavy-duty axles and a reinforced articulated turning system, the SPM 4210 WEKTRET series is designed for the rough working conditions in mining.

MIXKRET 4 is equipped with a 6-cylinder, 130 kW turbo engine, providing high climbing and moving power as well as the possibility to work at high altitudes. With the ICVD drive system (Integrated Continuously Variable Drive) it is possible to drive through the entire speed range without interrupting the traction force, increasing comfort for the driver and reducing fuel consumption.

The compact design and heavy-duty axles, both used for steering and driving  (4WD and 4WS), provide mobility and maneuverability in narrow galleries and tunnels. Furthermore, the machine features an automatic speed control system for moving down slopes fully loaded at the maximum secure speed.

The cabin, mounted in machine direction, and the night-vision camera at the rear, facilitate maneuvering and ensure visibility conditions at all times, increasing safety. The concrete transporting and mixing drum of Putzmeister Mixkret 4 provides a concrete capacity of 4 m3 and optionally includes an additive discharging system for transporting and transferring additives to the shotcrete equipment.

The solids pumps company of the Putzmeister Group manufactures high density piston pumps for pumping slurries, sludges and pastes. In mining, our pumps transport the tailings to the dam/filter or transport backfilling paste into the underground mines. The pump system features a piston pump, a hydraulic power pack to drive the pump and an electric cabinet with a PLC, control and operation panel; Putzmeister piston pumps can operate with a solid content of up to 85%, depending on material composition.

With an output of up to 150 bar they can pump over distances of up to 11 km and achieve effective pumping throughputs of approximately 500 m³/h. With a capacity of 3,8 m3/h and a concrete pressure of 122 bar, Putzmeister Magnum Powercreter is the most versatile concrete repair pump by Putzmeister. It is ideal for wet-process shotcrete in civil applications. The Powercreter Magnum has a powerful 46 hp (34 kW) Deutz diesel engine and conveys low slump concrete and packaged high-performance materials over long distances.