Update: On December 14, Turquoise Hill Resources announced that Oyu Tolgoi has resumed concentrate shipments. Following engagement with Chinese and Mongolian authorities, Oyu Tolgoi will follow a new joint coal and concentrate crossing route at the Chinese-Mongolian border.

Based on completed trial shipments, Oyu Tolgoi expects shipments to return to pre-suspension levels over the coming weeks.

Production at Oyu Tolgoi was unaffected during the shipment suspension.

Turquoise Hill Resources announced Oyu Tolgoi has suspended concentrate shipments to the Chinese border following a new requirement at the Chinese-Mongolian border to utilize one joint coal and concentrate crossing route. It was effective December 1. The new requirement has led to safety and security concerns as well as unreasonably long waiting times to cross the border.

Oyu Tolgoi is seeking to clarify the requirements with the relevant authorities in Mongolia and China.

At present, it is not clear the potential duration of the shipment suspension.