Normet launched its new generation mining equipment offering in the MF- and LF-series at the Bauma China 2014 exhibition in Shanghai, China. The new offering sets a new standard for comfortable underground drive with unique axle suspension system and redesigned ergonomic cabins. The new offering is ready for industrial Internet as machines can register all data and transfer it for further analysis via WLAN.

The new offering will be gradually available during 2015 with several engine options to fulfill different exhaust emissions regulations around the world.

Normet has introduced a hydraulic axel suspension system for 10-metric-ton and 16-metric-ton machine classes. The suspension enhances vehicle handling at higher speed, reduces cycle time and increases the productivity and efficiency of a vehicle. Front axle suspension is available for all Utimec, Multimec, Variomec, Charmec, Spraymec and Himec product families in the MF and LF Series. Utimec MF and LF – personal (PER) transporters consist of both front and rear axle suspension to provide the same comfort for the driver and the passengers in the transport compartment. The suspension system can also be easily retrofitted to the older models.

The new FOPS and ROPS approved safety cab provides superior visibility and a comfortable compartment for the driver and passenger. Wide door openings, handrails and ideally positioned non-slip steps allow for easy entry and exit. Enclosed cabs have a noise level of less than 80 dB.

The new offering comes with the new electrical system and the second-generation NorSmart control system. Traditional gauges have been replaced with the new Multi Information Display (MID), which provides all the necessary driving information like speed, fuel consumption, RPM and temperatures. NorSmart can record all vehicle data such as speed, gear selected, use of brakes, engine and hydraulic oil temperatures, engine and gearbox oil pressures, etc. All of the sprayed concrete and charging work process data is recorded on Spraymecs and Charmecs. The recorded data can be transferred for further analysis and supervisory checks via WLAN or by USB. Site-specific industrial Internet applications such as M2M and remote diagnostics can be arranged through NorSmart.