Hardrock miners have a new option for long-haul overland conveyors: the Flexsteel ST10,000 belt. Veyance Technologies, the exclusive distributor for Goodyear Engineered Products, previewed the new conveyor belt during the Society of Mining Engineers annual meeting in Denver. The company claims the belt will be capable of moving more materials farther than any other belt in history, in a single flight.

The Flexsteel ST10,000 is capable of conveying 10,000 tons per hour (tph) a distance of 25 miles in a single flight, according to Terry Graber, technical manager-conveyor belts, Veyance Technologies. “The heart of the Flexsteel ST10,000 is the splice,” said Graber. “With a belt of this magnitude, it’s all about making sure the steel-cord splices will hold up in service. We’re the only belt manufacturer with development capabilities to test splices in-house at these high tensions.”

The splice strength Veyance has proven at its Conveyor Belt Technical Center shows the ST10,000 is the highest tensile strength belt in the world, according to the company. “It allows for the highest lift and drop and longest continuous flight,” Graber said. “With the ST10,000, mine engineers could redesign the 8-mile, 5,000-ft descent of the Los Pelambres conveyor in Chile with two belts instead of three, Graber explained.