In mid-2012, China-based Xiangtan Electric Manufacturing Corp. (XEMC) shipped its mine haul trucks to Rio Tinto’s Pilbara iron ore mine site in Western Australia. Each 230-metric ton truck is powered by a Pilbara-specific propulsion package for efficiency and reliability with a MTU 16V 4000 C11 mining engine provided by MTU Hong Kong, a Tognum Group subsidiary.

“The working conditions at Pilbara may be the toughest in the world, with extremely high temperatures,” said Neil Coney, general manager for Fleet Strategy & Delivery, Rio Tinto. “It was amazing to see XEMC produce trucks that can meet our strict requirements within one year.”

The MTU 16V 4000 C11 mining engine produces 2,300 bhp (1,715 kW), and comes with many features that enable it to operate reliably and efficiently in the harshest of mining conditions. Those features include common rail fuel injection, double-walled fuel lines, carbon scraper pistons and oil system security filters. In addition, the engine’s class-leading fuel economy is enhanced by an efficient oil cooling system, which optimizes oil temperature.

“As mine operators continue to tackle the issue of rising fuel costs, we continue to work with our OEM partners to deliver the most robust and efficient mining equipment available,” said Scott Woodruff, director of global mining sales, Tognum America. “Our focus on customer requirements enables us to provide MTU mining engines that perform at the highest level in any environment.”

The MTU engines in Rio Tinto’s new XEMC mine trucks at Pilbara will be serviced and supported by MTU Detroit Diesel Australia, the exclusive distributor and service provider of MTU engines in Australia.