Officals at MBE Coals and Minerals Technology GmbH have announced that the MBE-CMT-Technikum R&D center is ready for operation. In addition to testing different mineral raw materials for MBE-CMT machines, the center allows for complete beneficiation simulation processes — from RoM to concentrate. In many cases, for example, the feed material needed by MBE-CMT’s machines must be prepared through crushing, classifying and de-sliming.

This conditioning may be done autonomously with equipment including crushers, screens and hydrocyclones. Process flow sheets for strong inter-grown iron ores, for instance, might also demand a combination magnetic and gravity separation. In such instances, spiral separators for tailings will be feed for a JONES WHIMS magnetic separator, or vice-versa.

Consequently, apart from pilot machines, manufactured and sold by MBE CMT, like magnetic separators, as well as jigs, vibrating mills and dense media separators, gravimetric separators were installed to meet various coal and mineral ore processing demands on a pilot scale.

Crushing, grinding and screening can also be conducted with the jaw crushers, disc mills, roller crusher and screen machines in use. Other tests may involve  a pneumatic flotation unit or a conventional agitator cell; two mobile pilot machines with a capacity of 10 m³/h pulp, meanwhile, will also be available.

The center also hosts a small lab for material characterization with a size fraction analysis capacity using screen tower machines, air jet screen machines, with solutions for sink and float density analyses as well as microscopic and ash content analyses.