Lucapa Diamond Co. is installing a new XRT diamond processing module at its Lulo diamond project in Angola. The module includes XRT technology and larger screens (55 mm) that, as part of the new processing stream at the 150-metric-tons-per-hour (mt/h) diamond plant, provide capacity to recover individual diamonds up to 1,100 carats.

The XRT technology is also more efficient at recovering low-luminescing Type IIa diamonds. As previously announced, Lulo mining company Sociedade Mineira Do Lulo began stockpiling all oversize material in February following the recovery of the record 404 ct “4th February Stone,” which sold for $16 million. This stockpile now stands at approximately 19,000 m3. To date, Lucapa and its partners at Lulo have recovered more than 30 diamonds weighing more than 50 ct, including six more than 100 ct diamonds.