Lucapa Diamond Co. Ltd. announced two significant outcomes from ongoing pitting and grade control programs around an alluvial diamond field at the Lulo Diamond Project in Angola. The company has identified kimberlite material next to Mining Block 8, which the company has now upgraded to a confirmed kimberlite (L259). The alluvial gravels at Mining Block 8 have been expanded, which has been a prolific source of the large special diamonds (diamonds > 10.8 carats) and fancy colors and will remain the focus of future alluvial diamond production operations at Lulo.

Lucapa Chief Executive Stephen Wetherall said the latest kimberlite and alluvial mining developments represented major new milestones for Lucapa and its partners as the company seeks to unlock Lulo’s true diamond riches.

“We now have a confirmed kimberlite adjacent to the Mining Block 8 alluvial diamond field where we are recovering both large valuable diamonds and coarse kimberlite indicator minerals,” Wetherall said. “This makes L259 a compelling target as we close in on our major goal at Lulo, which is to find the primary kimberlite source or sources of the exceptional alluvial diamonds we are recovering on a daily basis. The area we have recovered kimberlite material from in our ongoing pitting program also suggests this to be a significantly sized kimberlite.”