Kal Tire’s Mining Tire Group, a leader in mining tire services and a global independent tire dealer, acquired the South African operations of Tyre Corporation.

The move was advantageous, Kal Tire leadership said. “We’ve been building our business in parts of Africa since 2009, but this acquisition goes a long way for us to ensure a long-term sustainable business in South Africa,” Dan Allan, senior vice president, said.

Tyre Corporation said it is confident that Kal Tire is the right organization to acquire its South African operations and to build on the strong reputation they have developed. “We are very pleased to be joining forces with a company like Kal Tire who has such a strong reputation in the industry and understands the mining tire business as well as they do,” says Patrick Brown, sales director.

Based in British Columbia, Canada, Kal Tire, with 45 years’ experience in every type of mining operation, provides full-service customized mining tire solutions across five continents.

With the acquisition, more than 800 Tyre Corporation team members across 80 South African mine sites became Kal Tire employees.
Tyre Corporation customers will now have access to other Kal Tire services, such as Kal Tire’s exclusive Ultra Repair process for ultra-class tires and other tire service innovations.