Joy Global Inc. has added the new rotary blasthole drill P&H 285XPC to diversify hard rock applications, according to company officials. The machine provides up to 118,000 lb of bit loading designed for 270- and 311-mm diameter holes to accommodate most copper and iron applications.

“This drill will carry on the P&H legacy for durability,” said Product Manager Eric Wilkinson, featuring “the same powerful propel structures and robust pull-down systems as our other P&H drills.”

The drill features the Universal Drill Cab (UDC) utilized on other P&H drills with a commonality of controls allowing operators to quickly and easily transition to a P&H 285XPC, added Joy Global. The UDC enables a clear, unobstructed view of the drilling area and its surrounding environment.

Expansive windows and video cameras, meanwhile, provide maximum visibility while ensuring the operator can maintain absolute situational awareness. In addition, the FOPS Level II-certified structure, coupled with shatter-resistant glass, protects the operator from harsh conditions.